Sneak peek: Check out Juicy Lucy BBQ before it opens in Midland Beach

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Juicy Lucy BBQ unofficially introduced itself to the Midland Beach community the other day with the aroma of brisket, pulled pork and pastrami.

Owner Richie Holmes invited the Advance inside the restaurant at 809 Father Capodanno Blvd. before it officially opens this summer to taste test items on the upcoming menu and check out the interior design.

Juicy Lucy’s outdoor decor has a rustic vibe with wood panels and palm trees. The interior includes a mahogany dining area, a collection of custom license plates and black table dividers complete with engraved Juicy Lucy logos.

But at the heart of Juicy Lucy BBQ is its Texas-style meals.

Pitmaster Mauro (Max) Chiefari, who comes from famed Franklin Barbecue of Austin, Texas, whipped up a ton of food for the sneak peek — pulled pork sandwiches topped with spicy sausage, pastrami sliders and brisket were on tap that afternoon.

The signature dish — the Juicy Lucy — is a quarter-pound burger blending brisket, short rib, skirt steak and pork back fat all cooked on a griddle and served on a Royal Crown bun, stuffed with a choice of cheese.

When it opens, Juicy Lucy also will feature a milkshake bar and a selection of beer and wine.”

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