Founder Richie Holmes was flying from New York to Los Angeles some years ago, and he had just enough time between flights to leave the airport for a bite. He went where so many food tourists had gone before him: Matt’s Bar, famous for the cheese-stuffed and onion-topped Jucy Lucy (sic) burger. It changed his life.

A real estate investor and virtuoso home chef, Richie decided then and there that if he ever got into the restaurant business, he was determined to sell Jucy Lucy burgers.

Now, years later, that determination has resulted in Juicy Lucy BBQ (forgive our taking of the liberty of spelling it our way)! Of course, that infamous burger is sold at our original location - but our version comes in multiple varieties.

Juicy Lucy BBQ offers so much more than just an amazing burger. Try our two-time champion brisket (2019, 2021), ribs (winner of Rib King in 2021), mouth-watering chicken, pork bites that will satisfy even the pickiest of barbecue fanatics….the list goes on. Every morsel of our brisket and ribs is cooked fresh daily in a private smokehouse using proprietary recipes developed by Richie himself. And we haven’t even mentioned our incredible custom side dishes that include the most amazing baked beans you’ll ever try and a sweet potato casserole that is to die for!

Beyond the Flagship…

Early in 2021, Richie began discussions with long-time friend Rob Mackoul, an insurance executive, about partnering in Juicy Lucy BBQ. The two businessmen, often mistaken for brothers by those who see them together, pride themselves on being regular guys. These two regular guys now have a second location in the Eltingville Shopping Plaza that is more of a grab and go, a food truck that will be found in various parts of NYC, and their latest venture: a collaboration in Grant City on Lincoln and Railroad with the legendary DiFara Pizza from Brooklyn! Who knows where the next Juicy Lucy will pop up - the sky is the limit!